This product has been discontinued as of 01 March 2015. It has been replaced by the COM24MK2.

Product overview

The COM24 is a public address amplifier, with a power up to 240 W.

It contains a wide variation of input possibilities for all kinds of connection purposes, such as 2 unbalanced stereo line level inputs which are switchable between Line and Microphone level, 2 balanced inputs which are switchable between Line and Microphone level, and two balanced inputs which are selectable between Line and Microphone level with priority settings and phantom power.

The output signal is available on 5 high impedance 100V mono output zones or one low impedance 4 Ohm mono output zone.

Other present features are a link in- and output, an amp input and pre-amp output, an integrated chime module, a remote microphone input and the possibility to connect a telephone pager unit.

It is equipped with an advanced protection circuit, which protects against DC short circuit, overheat, overload and limits the signal when necessary.

All control functions such as channel selection and volume controls, a 2 band tone control, the master volume control and indicators like a VU LED bar and clipping LED’s are located at the front of the amplifier.

Product highlights

  • +15V Phantom power
  • 2 Band tone control
  • 2 Mono balanced Line / Mic level inputs
  • 2 Mono balanced Line / Mic level inputs with priority & phantom power
  • 2 Stereo unbalanced line level inputs
  • 4 Ohm low impedance output
  • 5 x 100V mono output zones
  • Telephone pager connection
  • Up to 6 microphones

Technical highlights

Dimensions (W x H x D)

420 x 86 x 320 mm

Signal / Noise

> 90 dB

Frequency Response

20Hz - 20kHz


< 0,5%

Output voltage / Impedance

100V / 4 Ohm


11 kg

Power Supply

240V AC / 50-60Hz

RMS power

240 Watt

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