AUDAC is a Belgian brand that provides a complete range of professional audio equipment, including amplifiers, speakers, (conference) microphones and much more. We design, manufacture and distribute an extensive line of products.

Being successful in business requires exceptional products that meet the needs of the end user. We try to improve our equipment by listening to feedback given by the many installers and dealers that use our products daily. Our mission is to make high-quality products for a competitive price. Our corporate objective is to continue to grow within the audio business, further establishing our position as a major international manufacturer.

AUDAC makes sure that quality comes first and is very proud of the high regard customers have for our products. We owe this to our qualified engineers and technicians, who continuously upgrade our products to incorporate newer technologies and state-of-the-art materials.

about our customers:
Our core customer base consists primarily of small and medium-sized enterprises that sell and install audio equipment for use in commercial, governmental, corporate and public buildings.

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